Return & Refund

Customers purchasing items from can rest assured about the quality of the products they receive. Minapa guarantees that all items sent to customers are brand new, high-quality products, and are consistent with the descriptions provided on the website.

In the event that customers receive products that do not match the description on the invoice, have technical issues, customers are fully entitled to bring the product to Minapa stores or return the product to Minapa for an exchange for another product within 7 days from the date of receipt. commits to selling brand new items and ensuring the correct quality. The products received by customers must be intact and consistent with the descriptions provided on the website.

If customers receive products that do not meet the commitments made, are technically flawed, damaged, or not made of the correct material, please kindly bring the product to Minapa stores or send the product to Minapa within 7 days from the date of receipt. regrets to decline support for any complaints about the external condition of the product if customers inform after this period.

Return time:

From the date of receipt, you have 07 days to make a return!

Return conditions:

Products must be returned in original, undamaged and unused condition. Items should be returned with all accessories, manuals and specifications, if applicable.

Return method:

To request returns and refunds, please contact our customer service department via email [email protected] or by phone at +84 (814)-169-462 for instructions:
– For orders in Vietnam: Send it back to us at the return address: 89A Ba Trieu, Cam Dong, Cam Pha, Quang Ninh 200000, Vietnam.

Once the returned item is received, refunds can be processed through the following methods:

– Cash: refund Customers receive the amount they originally paid through the same payment method used for the original transaction.
– Refund to bank account: The refund amount will be transferred directly to the customer’s bank account.

Transportation costs:

– If the product is defective due to the manufacturer, it will be returned for free.

– If the customer wants to exchange for another product, the customer will pay the return shipping fee and 10% of the value of the product they want to exchange.

-The store will bear shipping costs when customers return products due to the store’s error.

Handling special cases:

-There may be special cases such as product damage during transportation or technical errors. The store will assist customers in solving the problem flexibly and cooperatively.

-The returns and refunds policy is designed to ensure customer satisfaction and trust, while providing a clear and fair return processing process. This also helps maintain the reputation and quality of the store in the eyes of customers.

Preferential policies:

-The company offers special discounts for customers who buy products for the second time or more and customers who buy in large quantities.

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